6 Weeks Industrial & Summer Training

ITSWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers 4 & 6 Weeks Live Project Based Industrial Summer Training program in Java, Android, .Net & PHP technologies in Noida, Delhi/NCR, India for MCA/BCA/BE/B.Tech/MSc(CS & IT )students & professionals. If you are an engineering student or pursuing graduate/post-graduate level IT degree, you may have already heard the term Summer Training. Summer Training for IT/engineering students is important because it is the best way to acquire as much know how about their field. As an IT/engineering student, training could help you to learn how to implement the concepts you learned at your classes. The meaning of Training is to learn a skill.

Through our project-based 6 Week Industrial Training workshops, Multisoft trainers practically build upon theoretical concepts covered at the college level and provide live project trainings. Students are able to solve problems in a real-time environment that opens a window to the professional world. They become more confident, as well as find a connection between their chosen field and required industry standards.

The 6 Weeks Project based industrial training proposes a blend of learning solutions, classroom training, seminars, continuous support and coaching. We are committed to ensure that the training helps the trainees/students to achieve their academic and career goals. We are available to conduct trainings either at our premises or at your College/University.

ITSWS Technologies summer industrial training programs aims to train you on different platforms with live industrial projects and to give you the high quality IT training that will help you to find yourself in a respected position. The internship has designed in such a smart way that the students could get familiar with industrial professional.

What do you get

Java Industrial Training : ITSWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Placement Training

Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skill of a person for doing a particular job. Actual challenges appear when we have to develop a real-world software..

Java Industrial Training : ITSWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

100% Certification Based Training

Training develops confidence in whatever we have learned. After completing training you will feel much confident about your field.

Java Industrial Training : ITSWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

100% Live Project Based Industrial Training

They indeed build a web pallet in order to run the cycle of delivery of the concepts from the very start till the finish.

Java Industrial Training : ITSWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Hands On Exercises

Your training is packed with assignments, assessment tests, code challenges, quizzes and exercises.

4 & 6 Weeks Summer, Industrial Training

Java Industrial Training : ITSWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Java Industrial Training

Java is an Object Oriented, Platform Independent, Distributed and Robust programming language that provides the facility of developing console applications, windows applications, web applications, mobile applications and web services. The purpose of this course is to train the students in Core API of Java.

PHP Industrial Training : ITSWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

PHP Industrial Training

PHP is a server side scripting language that is used to develop Dynamic Web Applications. Its simplicity and lots of frameworks built around it makes it a favourite choice for applications developers. The purpose of this course is to train students in the usuage of PHP and two of its framework JOOMLA and Cake PHP.

.Net Industrial Training : ITSWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

.Net Industrial Training

.Net is a model provided by Microsoft, which is a platform as well as Language Independent.The main components of .Net are: .Net Framework, .Net compatible languages such as VB.Net, C#.Net, VC++.Net,ASP.Net, ADO.Net and a runtime environment called CLR. With the help of .Net, Windows Application, Web Application, Web Services, and Mobile Applications can be developed.

Android Industrial Training : ITSWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Android Industrial Training

Android is an open-source software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. Android's mobile operating system is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel. The Android open-source software stack consists of Java applications running on a Java-based, object-oriented application framework on top of Java core libraries running on a Dalvik virtual machine featuring JIT compilation.

SEO Industrial Training : ITSWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

SEO Industrial Training

.NET is a general purpose development platform, developed by Microsoft Corp. It is a framework based platform and huge class library in it. .

SMO Industrial Training : ITSWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

SMO Industrial Training

J2EE is also Java based platform designed for the mainframe scale computing typical of large enterprise.