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Joomla Website Development

Web Development and Software Development : ITSWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Joomla is one of the most popular free content management systems (CMS) across the world that allows to create and manage a dynamic website easily. Joomla is also based on Object Oriented Programming (OOP) techniques and stores data in MSSQL or MYSQL and other databases as per the version. It is an intuitive management interface that control all the features and functionality with this powerful CMS possesses. There are hundreds of free extensions written for Joomla, allow users to extend its customize and functionality to their own objectives. Its Content Management System (CMS) is supported by a large and friendly community easily where newcomer can really on assistance from more experienced members. If you are decided your application in Joomla then you are on the right track because Joomla counted more than 30 million downloads in 2012 and is growing properly.

It is the second popular Content Management System on globally. Joomla is extremely user-friendly and has numerous designs and extensions. In this time most of specialized web developers and designers using Joomla. They are designing both custom and corporate websites for their client.

Software and Application Development Services

PHP Static Website Designing : ITSWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


PHP is widely used open source general purpose scripting language. It is an HTML-Embedded scripting language. PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

Java Dynamic Website Designing : ITSWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


The Java programming language is first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It is expressly designed for use in distributed environment of the Internet.

.NET Ecommerce Website Designing : ITSWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


.NET is a general purpose development platform, developed by Microsoft Corp. It is a framework based platform and huge class library in it. .

J2EE Web Re-Designing : ITSWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


J2EE is also Java based platform designed for the mainframe scale computing typical of large enterprise.