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Social Networking Website

We develop innovative social networking websites that you can customize as per your business needs.

Social Media CMS Applications

Social Media CMS Applications

Video & Photo Sharing Apps

The applications developed by us improve the selling product strategies with the help of standard features.

Social media Publishing Platforms

We develop specific platforms for supporting the blogger community.

Social Network Website Development Company in Delhi

ITSWS is providing effective social networking service for the companies to gain quality traffic on daily basis. Our team is also promoting your business website via SEO, SMO, Social sites and other ways.

Instant Messaging Applications Quantitative Metrics for Social Media Application Cost of the service on the social networking app development depends on the complexity of the app itself. Build effective social media (network) apps, you need good ideas and constant media market analysis.
User And Content Management Based Social Network Application

Social networking is the process of bringing people together to share ideas, interests and making new friends on a single platform. The collaboration and sharing of informative ideas enhance the growth and strengthen the social network with time. Using social networking, a variety of people come and connect together at a single platform only. Social networking contributes a lot in making a strong presence of business by engaging customers under a single roof. It imparts the promotion of the brand online through the use of various social sites. As the market has stiff competition, so its quite difficult to survive and thus the promotion of products is being done online to make the brand value in the world. To increase product awareness, social marketing plays a key role in promoting a product. Website designs created by us help different people to connect with each other. Blogs, forums, groups, videos, news, add interactivity by information sharing for possible customers. Social networking is the most effective way for people to get interconnected with each other anytime and at any place.

Brand loyalty is enhanced through the social marketing medium only. Social Network Applications, social network website design, social networking development carried by our technical team improves business activities and overcome all types of challenges coming in promoting a brand or product on the web. These social networking applications increase ROI and profit. We innovatively offer unmatched and reliable solutions with the help of social networking applications to valuable customers. The proficient team develops the social networking applications that fulfill the needs of people in true sense. Credibility, boost conversion rate, and revenue are facilitated by our standard social networking applications. Social networking applications help to dig out the information within a fraction of seconds only. Social media applications keep the audience entertained for long hours by engaging them throughout. 

Audience Based Social Network Application Development

Our social networking application makes all possible efforts to bring brand and labels together close to their customers and thereby help them to attain the business goals. Social networking has immensely changed the working culture of people by saving their efforts, time and manpower usage. These applications are enriching the relationships with families, friends, and people. Our application development team implements innovative ideas in social networking that maintain industry relevance. The social networking which is considered as the powerful online communication channel to share the real-time content. These applications have totally changed the way of life and businesses. Amplification of brand awareness is possible due to these social networking applications. Social networking application helps to maintain a higher conversion rate and adds more visibility to the right audience. Social media truly facilitates the sharing of ideas and content within less time within the virtual communities. Tech-enabled activities are performed on social networking without any conflict and parallelly all requests are served with standard features and functionalities. To keep in touch with the people and groups, we enhance application development process from time to time. The security aspect is also considered to maintain authentication through social networking by us.

Use-Friendly & Customized Social Network Application

Social networking is the practice of expanding the number of business and social contacts by making connections through individuals. It has grown the largest and most influential component on the world wide web. In this modern time, everyone uses it and understand it easily on the web. It is the most popular platform in this modern era, to helps businesses to grow and engage their customers online. With the help of social networking sites, we can grow our thoughts, business, new ideas to share many people at the same time and they can upload their response via online. While social networking has gone on almost as long as societies themselves have existed, the unparalleled potential of the Web to facilitate such connections is only now being fully recognized and exploited, through Web-based groups established for that purpose. Many marketers devote most of their time in developing and maintaining social media sites for their business portals. There are multiple social networking sites available such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
ITSWS is providing effective social networking service for the companies to gain quality traffic on daily basis. Our team is also promoting your business website via SEO, SMO, Social sites and other ways. Our professional development team derived your business website as per customers demands so that easily value in the web and increase the revenue of your business. With the help of social media audits, customer-built interactive strategies and competitive analysis and our team help you increase the visibility in commercial markets online.

Why ITSWS is considered favorable for social networking development?

1-     Advanced functionalities in social networking website are used for information sharing and expansion of the business.
2-     Cost-effective and fair pricing set for the social networking website for customers.
3-      Up-to-date web development services used in social networking.
4-      Keep connected people in both ways-personally and professionally as well.
5-       Quick and on-time delivery service without any type of delay.

Some of the key features of our social networking applications are:-

    • Effective and faster profile creation facility in a very short time.
    • Editing of audio, video, images is possible using our applications.
    • Events creation and management facility.
    • Easier to connect and chats with groups and easy shareability of information.
    • Background image, font style, color, wallpaper, and other attractive features are also offered by our IT-based services.
    • Searching facility.
    • Authenticated login and privacy control features.
    • Push notifications on the active browser.
    • Audio and video chats facility along with content sharing.
    • Real-time messaging for sharing information dynamically.
    • Google Map integration for tracking the location.
    • Add to favorites for navigating back to the websites that are visited the most.
    • Advanced settings for personal details, private information is also there for customization.      

Reason for choosing ITSWS as Social networking application development company

    1. Prompt and consistent support and services are offered to customers at ease with diligence.
    2. Open source development platforms offering hi-end solutions to customers.
    3. Focus on increasing revenue and efficiency in business processes.
    4. App store optimization facility to enhance application or product awareness of the business.
    5. Advanced methodologies and the smartest technologies are deployed to create social media applications that are beneficial to end-users.
    6. Applications of social networking are fostering the business by keeping people online and engaging them to products.
    7. The applications developed by us improve the selling product strategies with the help of standard features.
Social media application development process:-

Our professional and talented team adheres the most consistent workflow in developing social media applications useful for people from a business point of view. The development process of social media application development is quite easy.

Few important steps involved in developing social networking applications are:-

    • An application workflow is designed to automate business activities using social networking. Sketching is used for assessing the number of screens and interactivity among those screens. Wireframing is also used to give the application a structural view. A working model for the future application is developed which is basically the prototyping which gives a better understanding of the product.       

    •  Now after creating the effective design, the next step is to add features like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The social media application is made without any coding at this step. No code is required at this stage, simply social networking sites are added.

    •  Next step involves the deployment of social networking on the Android or iOs. The testing is also carried out to check whether every part of the program is working effectively or not. The device compatibility is also verified whether the application is compatible with the specific OS or not.

    • Finally, in the end, the publishing and marketing of app are done with the help of effective promotion of the application to attract a maximum number of customers into the site. Different promotional strategies and tactics are applied to draw the attention of people for increasing brand awareness.

It is doubtless that social networking applications have now become an inescapable part of our lives. Day by day the number of users is added to the social networking platform. The three-tier architecture is used in developing a social networking application which is the mobile client, backend and database.

1- Mobile Client:-  Mobile client is user-facing architecture. These are characterized by three primary elements including profiles, feeds, and connections.

    • Profile-  For the creation of a profile, easy-to-use tools, and features are used for profile building, customization, and settings. As new users create their profile initially, our application offers tools to personalize profile. Photo-effects, background colors, customizable bios, links are integrated to personalize the profile.

    • Feed- Feed is a convenient way to display a summary of your social content in a feed widget. The feed may contain user-generated stories, user-uploaded audio, video, presentations, or photos. The feed keeps the customers engaged in the social network. Feeds gather and publish social content into public screens.

    •  Connections- Connections are the most important part of the social networking website as they keep the users engaged and active on social networking applications. Variety of factors have involved that drive the connections which are usually content, groups, events, social networks, address book, SMS, search.

2- Backend:- Backend itself determines the strength and performance as well of social networking application. Our social networking application is developed with the robust and scalable backend that includes Linux, node.js, ruby on rails. Database interactions are provided by the backend system. The code at backend run at the server.

3- Database- Database used by us organize and process the user's information correctly. The database manages the information with consistency. The huge volume of data used in a social networking application is stored in the database. The database used by our team for social media ensures data integrity, consistency, security, and appreciable system performance.

Role of Admin Panel in Social networking application-

Admin panel supports the application users. The admin panel developed by us lets app owners view all questions and send answers to users in real-time only adding flexibility. Entity management features are also used by admin panel for keeping the control over user-generated content. Statistics page with integrated analytics is also there in admin panel that describes the status of user behavior logs. Admin panel allows people to assign a unique role to people. Each role has a set of permissions associated with it. Appropriate privileges are there in the admin panel for end-users. Admin panel is considered as the most powerful tool for boosting the application performance. Queries related to the history of the app, personal statistics or payments can be resolved using the admin panel.

 Advantages of Social Networking
In this modern era, social networking perming important role to grow your business online. It is the standard way to promote your products via online and connect with a lot of audiences at the same time and they can response you instantly. Social network gives you the perfect platform to grow your business and create a value in the market.

Social networking is increasing the business or product awareness at the same time. In this time millions of users on various social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, they are showing the post instantly and response also. In this competitive world, you can promote your products and make its brand value in the world. On behalf of brand value, the customers are choosing the products in the market because everyone using various social sites and saw the products online. 
Make sure, if you want to promote your business online then the business website should be user-friendly and product information crystal clear. All the information should be based on products and complete details available on the web.
Our development team is focused on customers view and market demand so they develop and design the user-friendly website as per public demand and social media compatible. We have some of the competent developers to develop websites with advanced features that can work on mobile devices. Our developed apps for mobile devices that can provide uninterrupted services to run the business successfully.

Social Media Website Design Company in Noida

Our professional and talented team adheres the most consistent workflow in developing social media applications useful for people from a business point of view. The development process of social media application development is quite easy.

Latest Tools & Technology

Latest Tools & Technology

Community building apps

Well, being social is becoming an indispensable part of people’s life. We develop sophisticated community building apps for users.

Our professional and talented team adheres the most consistent workflow in developing social media applications useful for people from a business point of view. The development process of social media application development is quite easy.
Our professional and talented team adheres the most consistent workflow in developing social media applications useful for people from a business point of view. The development process of social media application development is quite easy.
Our professional and talented team adheres the most consistent workflow in developing social media applications useful for people from a business point of view. The development process of social media application development is quite easy.

Explore Services

Specialized in Social Networking Application Development, ITSWS Technologies helps Small-Start-ups, SMEs and Enterprises by providing integration, automation and greater visibility of their business processes and saves them time and money. We help organizations in increasing their long term efficiency, productivity and ultimately profitability by developing first class web & mobile applications for them, and Social Networking Application Development in India.

We work closely with you to discover how you communicate your message & design solutions. End to end solution for our customers tailored to their needs is what makes us different. Not only it saves cost, but makes it easy for the customers to engage with our solutions.

A website and software has become one of the most essential marketing methods for a business. Our professional developers deliver highly functional solutions to fit your unique business requirements and strategies.

Our web app solutions expedite and automate the business processes of startups and SMEs. Our custom mobile apps work equally well across different screen sizes and devices, so you may tap into a larger audience base.

If you have plans to expand your business, it has become really essential to have a strong online presence. We rely on a multi-channel approach to drive traffic to your website, while increasing conversions and building brand loyalty.

We believe in cultivating creativity by encouraging it and harnessing fresh ideas, perspectives, techniques and sources of inspiration that make us more effective problem-solvers.

We build software that fully covers business-unique and industry-specific functions, thus it doesn’t need time-consuming and complicated customization as is the case with market-available software products.

Why Choose ITSWS Technologies for Social Networking Application Development

Here are some reasons why you can put your complete faith in ITSWS Technologies when it comes to your Social Networking Application Development needs.


Projects Deliver


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Customized product

ITSWS charter is to make IT think, talk and perform like a business.

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