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Freight Forwarding Software Solutions

Cloud based freight management system based software that covers end to end customers need

Real-time Traffic Management Systems

Reliable and accurate traffic tracking systems can improve the performance of real time traffic management

Logistics Industry Software Solution

Built futuristic digital platform for Logistics industry that manage the business workflows of shipping and fleet industry.

Transportation Software Solutions

Provide best transportation management software with transport ERP solutions

Logistics Software Development Services in India

The software developed by our team for cargo and logistics management has the feature of checking delivery data and status that enables multiple-level usability. One can get quicker quotations with an IT-enabled system for logistics management that helps in saving time. With such applications, there is an overall improvement in the business resulting in the enhancement of efficiency, inventory costs, and profits. Our team develops cargo and logistics management software that helps in boosting sales agent activities, easy invoices generation, customer portal, and management of cost/lead. It even implements other features like automated generation of bills, profit/loss analysis, shipping weight calculation, analysis & comparison, and other detailed benefits.

Logistics tracking and improved inventory management
Customized ERP Software Development
Automates billing process
Customs Clearance Software Solutions
Multi-level usability logistics application
Cargo & Logistics Management Software Development Company

ITSWS Technologies has become one of the leading cargo & logistics management software development companies. We deliver effective solutions to customers through our trained individuals who apply advanced technologies like blockchain technology. Also, our cargo & logistics services enable a convenient ongoing process and significant results. 
Our professionals design such management for the courier, messenger, expediting, and distribution industries. In addition, our solutions drive efficiency across the value chain by optimizing inventory and reducing costs and overhead. We focus on enabling and managing intelligent processes in a digital world to increase efficiencies and lower costs enterprise-wide. 

Features of Cargo & Logistics Management Software 

A cargo software application allows tracking of shipment data and status, location, and weight of the logistics apart from multi-level usability. Such software provides a quicker quotation with an IT-enabled system for Logistics Management by saving time and faster action. 

Also, cargo & logistics may notice an overall improvement in the company by examining the quality and proper monitoring of vendors. It benefits the business by boosting sales agent activities like tracking business revenue and meeting sales goals. In addition, cargo & logistics management software generates customers’ invoices using the available templates designed according to company standards. 

It benefits authorized users to log in to the portal, check invoices, track shipment levels and quotations and send fresh inquiries. Such software becomes beneficial in managing costs, generating bills, and analyzing loss/profit apart from shipping weight calculation. In short, cargo & logistics management software assists in viewing the docket number and previewing or editing the details related to it. 

Best Cargo & Logistics Management Software Services

We provide reliable and best cargo & logistics management software services to help businesses move their cargo swiftly and in the most economical method. Our experts furnish solutions like freight management or load control apart from cross-docking. 

Also, our trained individuals develop cargo & logistics management software that provides services like reverse logistics, freight optimization, freight collaboration, and logistics triangulation. Such services include continuous move routing, proactive freight tracking & tracing, co-loading, and reverse auctions for freights. 

In addition, our professionals provide inbound & outbound freight marketing and market research & benchmarking solutions. Our software solution guarantees visibility and control as companies move their products throughout the supply chain and worldwide. Likewise, we use cost-saving technology to enable businesses to present tough fights with their competitors in cargo & logistics management software. 

Choose Trusted Professionals of ITSWS Technologies

Our experienced professionals of ITSWS Technologies develop a dashboard displaying order information, pending orders, and earnings from a given trip. We provide software solutions that obtain real-time updates on the location and standing of shipment through mobile-exclusive barcode scanning. 

Also, our cargo & logistics management software provides details about businesses’ field assets, service history, fuel logs, and other significant information. Therefore, we provide our effective solutions at a reasonable rate after discussing each detail with the company about their unique requirements. 

We have a dedicated team that thinks of out-of-the-box solutions for effective results and more data security. Again, our skilled developers update their knowledge about the latest technology which becomes the most significant tool for developing cargo & logistics management software. 

We Provide Unique & User-friendly eFreight Software with the following features:

The eFreight Software System is a logistics management software that can revolutionize your business. Discover what is unique about eFreight Software:

  1. Quotations, bookings, and pickup orders
  2.  Receive online booking requests
  3.  Air, ocean, and ground shipments consolidations
  4.  Use Proof of Delivery (POD) software to capture accurate data
  5.  Step-by-Step Procedures to accomplish cargo operations
  6.  Enable your customers to track their cargo around the world with the LiveTrack Plug-in
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Freight Forwarding Software Development in India

We can develop tailor-made solutions to improve transportation management and logistics processes. Our team provides help with your logistics software development, updates, and maintaining services. We can add any transportation management system features your business requires or develop the custom logistics software from scratch. Our team offers you the needed skills and expertise for seamless integration in logistics that guarantees visibility and control. We help in maintaining your document management software compatible with the latest ERP for logistics technologies and trends. You could implement your enterprise resource planning capabilities by implementing advanced analytics and reporting metrics

On-Demand App Development

Provide on demand based mobile apps development services

Travel Mobile Apps Development Services

Get the travel apps cutting edge features solutions

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