We assist large enterprises and startups in making critical business decisions.

ITSWS Technologies is an established software development company with an enviable and proven track-record engaged in providing software development services, technology consulting and IT outsourcing solutions to clients worldwide.

B2B Industries

Our web designers and developers possess dynamic skills in creating B2B website designs & Custom Software Solutions that fit your business’s interests. We have worked on multiple B2B web design projects, fully optimized to serve the intended purpose. High-quality websites where your stakeholders can effectively browse through your products or services. B2B mobile-friendly web designs to boost your lead generation from mobile devices. Customized websites with beautifully designed Calls-to-Action. Excellent content for technical SEO and social media platforms.

B2C Industries

We have several departments that comprise professional web designers, developers, and content writers to create ideal websites & Custom Software Solutions. With our expertise, we guarantee mobile-friendly web designs suitable for desktop and mobile devices. We perfectly showcase your products or services for user experience. Our experts develop B2C websites that drive more traffic and build trust. We follow various strategic planning processes to create responsive web designs that will serve SEO requirements.

Startup Industries

Are you a newly established business, or you would love to join the digital sphere? with our experience, we can strategically introduce you to the online world and gradually realize your goals. We can design any website- simple to complex styles. An ideal web design to perfectly and strategically introduce your products, services, or brand to the online audiences. Responsive/ Mobile friendly web designs for start-ups and small businesses. Scalable and functional websites that can handle all your operations.

Small Business Industries

We cater to even the smallest businesses in any field. We deploy similar efforts to create a suitable website & customer software solution for a small business. We ensure that websites under this category are manageable and expandable when necessary. Customized websites to fit your customer base and attract potential customers. Excellent SEO services. Please consult our digital marketing experts for more information.


Amazingly, we have cultivated a name in the construction industry because of our skills in developing tailor-fit websites. Understanding the industry and identifying what the client requires has helped us offer exceptional web design services. Precisely, we design and build interactive websites. A comprehensive strategy for Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing. A beautifully designed website with effective Calls-To-Action.

Food & Beverage

We are a perfect choice for displaying mouth-watering images of your products. In every web design, we ensure to engage, interact, and satisfy the viewer’s eyes to the core. We are creative in designing websites & Custome ERP Software in the Food & Beverage industry. We offer custom-made websites & ERP Software that are beautiful, enticing, and optimized. We work closely with our clients.


Do you run an education institute, such as a university, college, school or a training centre? We can perfectly create a custom web & Custom ERP Software to display all the services. We demonstrate a high degree of professionalism in your website while keeping the website informative. The characteristic includes; admin panel, calendars, admission management, e-learning facilities etc. Our team can create an education website with clear navigation, technical support, and maintenance. Search engine optimized sites and a reliable online education management system. We deliver responsive and cross-browser compatible web & software services


We believe that your website must showcase your uniqueness in the industry, therefore, we design to do so. We design transport websites with desirable creativity to provide a rich experience to the users. We will offer a custom and professional website with perfect templates. A team of SEO and social media experts to build a durable online presence.

Health Care

Are you in the healthcare industry and require a knowledgeable digital marketing company for a professional website? Our team has worked on a range of successful healthcare websites & custom ERP Software. High quality websites where customers will want to browse your products and services. Optimized health care web page design with a primary focus on excellent customer service. Excellent web design for your hospital, health care services, or products.

Non Profit

We offer affordable web design & custom software services for non-profit organizations, associations, charities, and foundations. We have a team of specialists who design and develop optimized websites & custom software for non-profit organizations. High-quality, customized, custom software & easy-to-find websites for non-profit organizations. Quality SEO, support, and maintenance & custom software services.


Our team has worked on a range of successful web design & Custom Software projects for clients in the manufacturing sector. Attractive web design services where customers will desire to browse your products or services. Designing and developing a website that drives traffic and builds trust among your potential customers. Comprehensive digital marketing campaigns, SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media Advertising strategies.


With special affection for digital excellence, We utilize only experienced web teams for all publication and magazine websites. We are the best in building highly converted and optimized websites & Custom Software Solutions. Customized website designs with the best UX for publisher websites. Responsive design and development structure to boost user experience.

Real Estate

The field of Real Estate is a bit technical and requires a comprehensive overview before designing and creating content. we provide Custom Website & Software Solutions. We design websites & custom software solutions to help you establish a good relationship with your clients. We endeavour to make your website unique and informative. We provide beautifully designed Calls-to-action and optimized UX landing page design.


Just like the former, the field of law also requires a professional approach while designing and creating content. We cater to various concerns regardless of your area of business law, family law, personal injury law, etc. Designing your website’s landing/ profile page perfectly. Effective SEO practices for your website

Sports & Fitness

Over the years, we have developed a range of feature-rich websites specifically designed to meet the needs of sports clubs, fitness clubs, personal trainers, and sports membership associations. We can create your website & custom ERP software Solutions to differentiate you from other service providers. High-quality and easy-to-read websites with an online event booking system. Customized websites that grow your business along with opt-in email systems.

Banking & Financial

We cater to even the smallest businesses in any field. We deploy similar efforts to create a suitable website & customer software solution for a small business. We ensure that websites under this category are manageable and expandable when necessary. Customized websites to fit your customer base and attract potential customers. Excellent SEO services. Please consult our digital marketing experts for more information.

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Matt Lancashire, Business Manager
Matt Lancashire

Great communication, had a clear understanding of the requirements and worked well with my UK team to customize the system as per business needs.

Business Manager
Eugene Williams, Chief Executive Officer
Eugene Williams

Dedication and trust throughout their successful development of Mobile App. They are recommended to others who wants to have a good software development which will deliver a good products to meet their needs. All the Best!!.

Chief Executive Officer
Amaury Simon, Creative Director
Amaury Simon

My blog now is my baby, thank you so much. I truly believe no one could have done justice to my blogsite as ITSWS did!

Creative Director
Kevin Calgren, Co-Founder & President
Kevin Calgren

All team of experts have done a great job, very professional and fast, I recommend everyone, because they really are experts...

Co-Founder & President
Richard Quinn, Digital Strategist & Founder
Richard Quinn

They are expert at their digital marketing approach, they have helped me gain great footfall traffic for my business within a short span of time.

Digital Strategist & Founder
Jonh Doe,Chief Marketing Technologist
Jonh Doe

Their ability to develop creative solutions to the functionality and user experience of our site made for a fantastic end result. I am very impressed all around with their skills, customer service and attention to detail every step of the way...

Chief Marketing Technologist
Mary Smith, Marketing Manager
Mary Smith

Due to the interactive nature of my relationship with Team, I now have a website that accurately reflects both the culture and nature of my business. I look forward to a continued relationship with Teams.

Marketing Manager
Roy, Founder & Managing Director
Roys Fashion Limited, Bangkok

Despite several complexities during the initial phase of the project, The team at ITSWS was always very accommodating to our requests and active in their replies. They were flexible and took initiative to suggest better designs for us and felt part of our team. Our website is finally something we can be proud of, thanks to ITSWS!

Founder & Managing Director
Dr. Akhilesh Yadav, Associate Director
Dr. Akhilesh Yadav, Associate Director, Max Hospital

ITSWS has been hosting, designing, updating and doing search engine optimization for our website. They are prompt and responsive. Overall experience has been good!

Knee & Hip Specialist
Shyam Chandra Pandey,Managing Director, Gangotrishakti Food Care Pvt. Ltd.
Shyam Chandra Pandey,Managing Director

A partner more than vendor. Hired ITSWS multiple times for site projects and they were always there with a solution. Special mention to their entire servicing team, for great dedication towards client servicing and quick turnaround. Thanks team ITSWS for all the support.

Gangotrishakti Food Care Pvt. Ltd.

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