This ever-changing world of technology and information, we place ourselves at the forefront, to be a partner in taking your businesses to scale new heights by using this wonderful web based technology.

Software and Application Development Platform

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The need for developing applications across a variety of programming platforms is necessary for developing some utility applications, games as well as webpages and other multimedia apps to serve either a specific mobile OS or be open for cross platform usage.

While developing apps for a lengthy variety of screen sizes, different configurations and their different hardware specifications, a number of things are to be considered. Most of these applications are preinstalled in handheld devices as well as some that can be downloaded and installed in devices. The programmers need to keep in mind, the various small differences among the variety of platforms themselves. Our expert team has the most talented programmers who excel in C/C++, Java, PHP, J2EE and similar other programming languages.

Software and Application Development Services

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PHP is widely used open source general purpose scripting language. It is an HTML-Embedded scripting language. PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

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The Java programming language is first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It is expressly designed for use in distributed environment of the Internet.

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.NET is a general purpose development platform, developed by Microsoft Corp. It is a framework based platform and huge class library in it. .

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J2EE is also Java based platform designed for the mainframe scale computing typical of large enterprise.