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Proper Web Development Increase Security Measure

For carrying successful business an effective website plays a very important role and contributes to the overall development of the firm status and position as well among the competitors in the market. All the web pages should be aligned properly along with clear navigation in a functional website. A properly coded and well-designed website with effective content gives an appealing look to the website. A mobile responsiveness nature matters a lot for a website as it must be working fine in all types of mobile size and screens. ITSWS offers professional services with the help of experienced professionals that meet the customer's expectations on time. Effective web development strategies are adhered by the team in order to enhance security to a large extent.


Most important aspect of a website is the security and if a website is not secured then unauthorized users can easily access the website and may steal its important data or information. Our Talented Web Developers take full care of the vulnerabilities occurring for a website. The best practices are followed by the team members to achieve a high level of security for the website. To safeguard the website from malicious users and visitors, the site is maintained and updated time-to-time. Strong passwords are implemented on the website in order to prevent from cyber-attacks and the password policy is enforced and maintained throughout the organization. The login pages are encrypted for the purpose of security so that the information entered may prove to be meaningless to any third party users. The sensitive information is prevented from unauthorized users by SSL which is a security layer. The website is kept cleaned as database, plugins, and applications are also one way to get a possible entry for hackers. The backups of the website are maintained regularly to make the data inaccessible. 


Our team also performs the web security scams to check the vulnerabilities in the website. The web development team detects all the flaws and vulnerabilities occurring in the website using specific tools. Parameterized queries are used by the development team as to protect important information. To keep the functioning of the website in a safe and healthy manner, in the long run, all the security parameters are implemented and enforced to prevent from unauthorized access. The leakage of sensitive information on a website can throw a business firm out of the competition and even may lower down its value in the market. Putting a website on the internet exposes the website to hacking attempts, port scans, traffic sniffers and data miners. Our team makes all possible efforts to prevent a website from exploitation. HTTP Strict Transport Security is enabled so that the browser may communicate with the website over SSL protocol. HTTP Only Cookies are used to protect the stored information on the website. The data input mechanism is validated by the team so that proper data may be entered properly. As web development is playing an important role in modern businesses so it has become quite important that the websites must fulfill all the needs of customers. 


With the increasingly sophisticated attacks on websites, people nowadays have become more awake about these cyber-crimes and malicious attacks that affect their business activities. For effective sharing and accessing of information advancements in web applications, web services, and web technologies are being done to maintain the website secured to a large level. To keep malicious hackers at bay our talented team uses the web vulnerability scanners to detect issues that may degrade the quality of the website. For securing the Hardware and Software Platform, the code is written securely by our team to minimize the threats. Web applications are verified and tested by the technical team whether they are not prone to external threats. To mitigate all types of vulnerabilities in the web applications all possible efforts are utilized by the technical team. Confidentiality, integrity, availability and non-repudiation conditions are fulfilled by our security experts to remove the risks. The complete process of security analysis runs in parallel with the web application development process. The integrity of the networks, programs, data from attacks and unauthorized access is enforced strictly by our team. Cross-site request forgery and distributed denial-of-Service are also implemented in the website in order to secure the website from attackers. To gain access to the sensitive data, attackers make all possible efforts to break the security. 



Our team maximizes all their possible efforts to run a profitable, viable, sustainable and successful business. Cyber-criminals day by day is hindering and interfering with the speed and performance of web applications. Security controls are applied consistently by our team so that all the activities may run smoothly. The login page of the website is encrypted so that any unauthorized user may not access the website. Strong passwords are implemented by the team so that that security may not be compromised. To fix all the security issues our team implies standard technologies and tools. We establish various strategies against harmful user input. As the website delivers the rich valuable content to their visitors, the number of vulnerabilities to the cyber attackers also grows exponentially. Our team spends equal time on the features and functionalities as well as on maintaining the security of the website. To prevent web applications attacks Web Application Firewall is used to monitor the network. To secure website and servers from the online risks, sensitive data is safeguarded through a specialized set of techniques. All the security development practices are leveraged in order to avoid exploitation of the website by malicious attackers. Root causes of the attacks are recognized and resolved effectively by the technical team in order to make the website safe.



Some of the effective habits that are inculcated by our developers to protect the application from the cyber attackers are:-


• Input data validation

• Guarding against XSS attacks

• Guarding against CSRF attacks

• Preventing SQL Injection attacks

• Protecting the file system

• Protecting session data

• Proper error handling

• Guarding included files


If you want to increase your business value online then prepare your website by the professional team. All the required tools and web pages should be aligned properly and follow the navigation. Focus on the every single point and share with the development team. Create a flow chart of your ideas and derived it as page wise before handover your project to any organization. If the development team are experienced and professional then they never provide your poor quality website. However, you need to sure about the company and view their portfolio, all these tips make your website perfect. 


On the business website, there are many important points that require more security and developed carefully. The important role of website development team, they should be designed according to search engine ranking, more attractive and effective, based on Search Engine Optimization and Proper Coding. The business should be effective globally and view on the various search engine. The modern era is based on the globalization and mobile optimization so that the website should be a responsive and global audience. The website needs to quality custom templates that should not available on any other layout. 


Itsws technologies offer professional web site as per your business requirements, we have well professional who have multi years of experience to develop a various website for the organizations. Our team optimize the whole website as per search engine and use all the latest technique to grow the online business. We focus on customers requirements and provide them accordingly. 

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