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Develop an Online Teaching App

Create an online tutoring platform for students

Create Digital Libraries

Develop on-demand elearning application more interactive for students

Build Real-time Chat App

Build a Real Time Chat or Messaging Apps for group chats

Campus Management Solution for Schools

Develop educational ERP Software centralized the campus management system

Education Mobile Apps Design in Noida

You get the most advanced on your educational website through our highly experienced web designers and developers. They utilise their unique developing techniques that help your website stand out among your competitors. It also benefits in attracting several students at your education institutes and coaching centers. In addition, our application developers develop with a responsive approach so that none of your user faces any issue in loading your website or application. Likewise, our unique AI engine helps you in targeting the right audience and attracting them to join your classes. Moreover, we assist your website and applications to get more audience by applying different digital marketing approaches.

Education and Coaching Website & Web Based App is a great solution for the student, coaching, and institutes.
Table of Contents for Online Education, Coaching & E-learning Website
1. Home Page    
2. Company Profile
3. Our Courses
4. Our Expert Team
5. Students Review
6. Contact Us      
7. Online Inquiry Form
8. Website Pages Responsive
9. Social Media Link Integration
10.  Search Engine Friendly Website Design & Development
11. Website Admin Panel
12. Technology & Database
13. Web Android Mobile App
1- Online Education Website Home Page [or Customer Impressive Page with Light weight Design Concept]
1.1. Banner
1.2. About Company
  1. 1.3. Our Key Courses
  2. 1.4. Our Strength
  3. 1.5. Why we are the best from others
  4. 1.6. Students Review
  5. 1.7. Footer Page Means Other Link & Content Presentation which is not covered in Fold and Unfold Area like All Remain URL, Social Media URL
  6. 2. About Us or Company Profile Page
3. Coaching & eLearning Website Courses Page (Courses Page That Means Convert Visitors into Leads) 
Courses Page design like Landing Page, it means using image as well graphics to present content.
 3.1. Courses Page Design and Technics
3.1.1. List Courses Page Dynamic Content  
3.1.2. Courses Details Page
4. Our Expert Team
4.1. Team List Page
5. Coaching and Training Website Students Reviews
 Student reviews are amazing marketing tools if you know how to utilize them. Here are some ways you can make that happen.
5.1. Student Review List Page
6. Contact Us
6.1. Branch wise pages with map direction integration
7. Online Inquiry Form
7.1. Inquiry Form integrated on every required page
8. Responsive Education Website
8.1. Mobile & Tablet Responsive
8.2. Desktop & Laptop Responsive
9. Social Media Link Integration 
10. Education and Coaching Website Search Engine Friendly Website Design & Development 
10.1. Website URL make search engine friendly
10.2. Add Meta Tag  like Title and Description
11. Online Education Website Admin Panel
The admin panel is where the content is created and the website is managed. 
Admin Login Page use Login id. and password .
11.1 Admin Dashboard Page
Online Inquiry  Details with required fields
11.2. Mange Contact Us Request Details Page
Show contact details.
11.3. Manage Student Review Page
11.3.1. Add, Edit & Delete Student Review Page
 11.3.2. Manage Student Review
11.4. Manage Courses
11.4.1. Add Courses Pages
11.4.2. Manage Courses 
11.5. Manage Team
11.5.1. Add Team Basic Details
11.5.2. Manage Team
11.6. My Account
11.6.1. Profile Details
11.6.2. Change Password
12. Technology & Database 
12.1. Design using HTML, JQuery and Ajax
12.2. Website Development in PHP
12.3. Using database MySQL
13. Web Android Mobile App
13.1. Web Based Android Mobile App
13.2. Mobile App available in Play Store

Education and Coaching Website App Development in India

You may connect us for education and coaching Website Application Development in different fields, like studies, dance, sports & others. Also, do not let distance and time deter you from growing your coaching, tutoring, fitness, and yoga business. 

You can provide education in different areas through coaching classes with mobile apps developed by our professionals having uninterrupted internet connectivity. Again, we can build and set up a powerful online coaching mobile app as a top coaching app development company.
Our skilled members would closely work with you and create an app for e-learning, online coaching, class, training, or tutor mobile apps. Further, you can start using the app for enrolling students and users once the app becomes available on the app stores. 

Advantages of Mobile Apps for Education & Coaching Websites
People may conduct coaching and training classes from anywhere without traveling to distant locations. It reduces your carbon footprint as you do not have to spend resources on commuting & running your commercial place. 
Additionally, coaching applications provide tailored services to your students and trainees that let them decide their time by uploading premade tutorials and training sessions. It helps repurpose old content & videos to create new revenue streams, improving your bottom line. 
Likewise, coaching mobile apps facilitate an online community among your trainees and students through the social features of the mobile app. It assists in creating customized payment modules to make it effortless for your trainees and students to use your services and pay you. 

Features of Educational App Development Services 
Our trained developers offer an integrated set of eLearning elements, tools, and resources that support knowledge delivery and management. We have a suite of solutions, making us one of the leading education application development companies. 

User-Side Registration  
It allows your students and trainees to register themselves on their own. 

Dismantle the Borders 
You can expand your online coaching business by providing yoga and fitness classes with tutor classes to students & trainees in multiple countries. 

Social Integration 
Our application would let your students and trainees exchange messages with each other to encourage and post messages on social media. 

Effortless Installation 
You may realize our mobile app would remain effortless and light to install. Users' mobile phones can download the app in a couple of minutes. 

Class & Session Saving 
Your students & trainees may access the previous sessions on their own time if they cannot schedule live classes. 

Start-of-the-Art Encryption 
Our educational application would allow you to do all the data exchanges, instructions, and payments using the most advanced encryption available within your budget. 

Upload and Install Premium Content 
It gives access to paid content by creating instructional videos and uploading them through the mobile app in advance. 

Scalable Online Coaching Mobile App 
The application accommodates multiple online coaching domains to get a mobile app dedicated to your field or subject. 

Logging in With Social Media Accounts
Our educational application makes it effortless for your students and trainees to log into your mobile app if they already logged into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. 

Ongoing Support 
We promise to provide you with ongoing support when your mobile app gets deployed & your students & trainees start using it. 

Educational & Coaching Website App Development Process 
We may thoroughly understand about delivering your coaching and how your students & trainees receive them. It would assist us in creating an ultimately trained online coaching app development for you and your students and trainees. 
Also, our team members use a wireframe technique that remains a sketch on paper or uses one of the Digital Graphic Tools. It significantly and pictorially explains the functioning of your coaching mobile app and gives you a visual perception. 

Then, once we receive your approval of the wireframe, our team may offer their effort into building the user interface & the back end. We program the app for Android & iOS, depending on your choice & then test the developed application for a seamless experience.
Further, our skilled members ensure to thoroughly test for bugs and chinks in the application for error-free functioning. It leads to our next step of launching the educational & coaching website application to the respective app stores. 

Why Hire ITSWS Technologies for Educational and Coaching Website App?

ITSWS Technologies offer solutions that make education mobile app development synonymous with comfort and ease. Significantly, learners can view content on devices of their choice through our educational mobile app development solutions. 

You may post mass notifications of critical information & news or updates in seconds using educational mobile apps. 

Also, our applications have greater push notification reach, higher course completion rate, adaptability to the latest teaching methods, and greater engagement & interactiveness. It has better adaptation to training needs, support of performance analysis tools, real-time interaction, and increased cost-effectiveness. 

Online Coaching Classes App Design in Noida

Our team of ITSWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. helps in trusting our firm to develop your classes’ website and application. With this mind, our unit applies their updated technical skills to present the most advanced services. Also, each member in our firm has several years of training that makes them more reliable. We never delay in delivering the ultimate project as we understand the importance of time in your business. But, before initiating the work on the website or application, we prefer to discuss each designing idea of our client for better result. Moreover, we charge an appropriate amount for our services that surely fits even your small budget.

Live Chat Software for Educational Institutions

Develop live chat software for school, college and universities

Online Class with One-Click Accessibility

Creating online classes that easily add accessibility

Why Choose ITSWS Technologies for Education and Coaching Website & Mobile App

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