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Software testing and Quality Assurance

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Software testing and Quality Assurance is a process to increase the quality of project and reduce the application problems. It is an integral process of the software development life cycle.

This process provides a holistic approach of software testing quality and help you to build a product or services with testing methods to reduce the errors and defects in software. Software testing helps to assess, validate and verify the testing features of the given software and proper output functionality. There are multiple companies are provides software testing service and generating revenue in the field. They are growing very well in the software testing process with incorporated quality assurance.

There are few testing services to increase the quality of the application like: Usability Testing, nonfunctional testing, specialized testing, mobile application testing, testing-as-a-service, integration testing, functional testing, system testing, localization testing, creating a test script and data and acceptance testing.

Software testing and Quality Assurance Services

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Automation Testing

Automation testing increase the efficiency of the software to give a high coverage performance and free from the errors. Multiple companies using automation testing interesting and essential to build projects successful within less time.

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Manual Testing

Manual Testing is a process to find out the errors and defects. It is the oldest and melodious testing process where the user find out the bugs across the application.

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Point of Sale

POS as it is known more commonly refers to a software that is built in order to link different client's retail as well as wholesale (if any) outlets while that supports them out with critical management reports, real time access to sales, customer accounts, preserving portfolios and a lot more over this very secure software.

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Customer Relationship Management

ITSWS provides CRM solutions for its clients in order to get a 360-degree outlook of the entire sales rotation. Recognize developments, look for opportunities, enhance value and shrink costs with the accurate solutions.