Customers prefer in continuing their shopping from the same company or brand if they like their service or products. But if they get the most pathetic service or product from any brand, they would definitely back off from it.

This would make them opt for another brand or company for their requirements. So, the same happens when you have your e-Commerce business, even it is running for a few days or several years. For you to continue gaining the trust of more clients and attracting new ones, you need to follow some safe tricks to maximize your repeat sales. Also, this would ensure your brand or company has more loyal customers than you expect.

Besides, if you have a great relationship with your audience would keep them engaged and encourage them to come back for more.

So, here, let’s have a look at some amazing tricks to inspire repeat business and build long-term customer loyalty.

Table Of Contents

  1. What Do You Mean By Repeat Purchase Rate?
  2. How To Improve Customer Retention For E-Commerce Companies?
  3. Focus On Every customer And Create Their Profiles
  4. Offer Discounts To Create Loyalty
  5. Create Customer-friendly Website
  6. Emphasis On Email Marketing Strategy
  7. Answer Customer Immediately Across Platforms
  8. Customize Communication
  9. Provide Product Tracking Option & Use Retargeting
  10. Avoid A High Number Of Ads On Page
  11. Offer Smooth UI and Payment Experience
  12. Give The Affirmation To The Customer
  13. Remarket With User-generated Content
  14. At The End

What Do You Mean By Repeat Purchase Rate?

Most of you might have some understanding of the meaning of repeat purchase rate. So, for those who do not have any knowledge about it, let’s have a detailed look at it. Repeat sales help in increasing the success rate of any business. But, repeat purchase rate happens for any business or company by its recent customer. This is because these customers become fairly familiar with your brand and are often driven to your company because of their comfort. So, they find it more convenient to repeat their purchase through your company as they know you would understand their requirements perfectly.

Therefore, these traits make the purchase journey of repeat customers different from that of first-time buyers. In particular, first-time customer needs time to browse your site or apps in brief along with comparing prices and exploring various products.

But, in the case of repeat customers, they already know their requirements and go straight away the purchase the desired product.

How To Improve Customer Retention For E-Commerce Companies?

Customers making repeat purchases at your e-Commerce shops offer your business increased sales. This also helps your business grow to a great extent as your existing customers prefer your company.

But if your repeat sales percentage does not fulfill your expectations, then do not worry about it. Here, you could have a look at some fabulous strategies for your business improvement in repeat sales percentage.

Focus On Every Customer And Create Their Profiles

Each business reaches its great height because of its customers. So, having a strong relationship with your customer helps you increase the business’s growth.

For this purpose, you must focus on ensuring that customers purchasing through your e-Commerce shop should create an account.

So, with each customer’s profile in your hand, you could easily segregate them by their purchase history. This allows you to profile them according to their requirements.

Also, with such a step, you could plan out rich tactics and curate campaigns for your business. It even offers to keep tabs on customers via profiling to help find out the cost of retaining and gaining them.

In addition, you could chalk out revenue potential from different customers with such an upper hand in operations. So, we could broadly divide customer profiling into two categories: new customers and repeat customers.

For new customers or first-time buyers, you could create an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). With the help of such precise profiles, you could easily identify brands and products matching your target buyer persona.

Further, you could create profiles centered on CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) and NPV (Net Promoter Score). This becomes easier when you have precise details on your existing customers’ likes, tastes, and preferences.

Thus, after making profiles for both types of customers, you could engage them with different strategies. First, you must attach some testimonials from your existing customers about different products for your new customers.

This ensures new customers about the genuine quality you might offer them they look for. Also, such reviews by your old customers ensure your new ones in believing that they will receive the best products.

Offer Discounts To Create Loyalty

We may divide customers into three categories regarding purchasing choice. These categories mainly comprise price-oriented, quality-oriented, and brand-oriented. So, those people come under the category of price-oriented who checks for lower price and discounts to purchase the product.

The second category of quality-oriented customers prefers the best quality over any price. Last, but not least, brand-oriented people purchase only a specific brand at any rate. But, the high number of people present in any eCommerce shop belongs to the price-oriented category.

Besides, price-oriented customers seem to come more often to purchase other products available in your company. So, such customers offer a great advantage to the company as referral customers.

Also, people refer to your website because of the huge discounts encouraging them to purchase the product from your site. This makes it important for you to announce different discounts more often for people to purchase your products.

Eventually, this would lead to your brand’s tremendous success, as customers come and check your eCommerce site for more discounts and offers. Besides, this would increase the traffic of the website helping the search engine optimization for your business.

Apparently, add a button saying get a quote when a customer wants to buy in an immense quantity. Such options must only appear for cosmic orders.

In particular, your discount offers appear as a reward for your customers that make them stick with your company. This even creates loyalty in towards your business by enhancing your brand’s image.

So, offering your customers a point-based digital loyalty card helps in boosting your repeat sales rates.

Create Customer-friendly Website

If you have a very complex website for your eCommerce shop or even the most complicated purchasing process, the customer would run away. This is because no one wants to waste their precious time in understanding the simple part of purchasing something.

So, you must keep your website and purchasing process simple and user-friendly. This ensures that your customer would remain your attractive site with all information present precisely.

Also, the information present on your site must be accessible on all devices to ensure every customer has access to your brand. Your customer should not face any issues with logins, payments, or even just viewing your sites.

In particular, your site must be accessible fully on every screen size of phones and laptops, mostly phones. This is because most people prefer their purchases or just browse websites through their phones.

Therefore, your eCommerce shops’ website and applications must ensure customers with every screen size with smooth functioning. They must witness an error-free experience in purchasing through your company.

Emphasis On Email Marketing Strategy

Automated email marketing endures one of the dominant approaches to achieving capability and strengthening conversions. This offers various businesses in sending periodically targeted emails to power repeat sales.

But, if you want to ensure that these work in enhancing your repeat sales, then you must have a customer email list. Along with this, you must have a potent CRM organizing and segmenting all contacts of your customers.

So, you must remember to draft each email carefully before sending them to your customers. This is because a minor mistake here might cost you losing your most precious customer.

Therefore, you must ensure to send your customers regular emails with relevant use of language in it. But, you might think that all your customers would not open their emails, and eventually, it will become a waste.

So, here you need to play a crucial strategy of having an impactful email title even before they open their mail. Then, have some attractive points that would grab their attention for reading the whole mail.

Thus, through an email marketing strategy, you not only ensure repeat purchases but also remind your customers about your brand name.

Answer Customer Immediately Across Platforms

Your description of any products might not be satisfactory enough for most of your customers. They might have different questions and preferences other than your descriptions relating to their needs.

So, you must have some improvised systems like chat boxes or bots to answer your customers immediately. Also, you may create an email id to send such queries to those companies relevant to the requirements.

Thus, the quick responses received by the customers encourage them to trust your company furthermore. This eventually guarantees that their repeat purchases increase your repeat sales rate.

In addition, the e-retail business runs on a great deal of trust as the seller never physically meets the buyer. So, you could boost such customers’ trust in your company by offering exceptional support for those coming to your virtual door.

Therefore, answer all questions, and complaints on every portal as it becomes a massive differentiator for e-commerce companies. This might help you stay far ahead in the competition even if you do not offer the best product or services as compared to your rivals.

Customize Communication

Email personification goes way beyond addressing a customer by their first name. Also, customizing an email sales pitch develops as you interact more and more with your repeat customers.

So, learning and incorporating your customer preferences to gain new buyers is also critical. Let’s understand two different ways to start a personalized email marketing drive.

Customize Product Recommendations: Use data and AI applications to base product recommendations like what your other customers have been looking for on your website. By digitally following your recurring customers, you can drive up opinions from the same sections to all website visitors.

Personalize Emailing Timelines: Various portions of customers examine their emails on particular occasions. Therefore, email-send-time optimization becomes critical for improving repeat sales. So, there would be no point in offering discounts on bridal wear after the wedding season gets off.

Finally, do not forget to include a Call to Action or CTA in your email communication. With the help of a CTA, you prompt the lead about the next step customers can take after reading the email.

So, CTA must create a sense of urgency, regardless of whether it reaches a one-time or a repeat customer.

Provide Product Tracking Option & Use Re-targeting

The tracking option available to any customer helps them know the receiving date and time of their order. So, with this option added to the e-Commerce application, you could easily gain the trust of your customers.

The easiest way of doing this is just addressing the packing process of the product the customer had ordered. Thus, this allows the customer to know where their product has reached when they login to their account.

Also, showing the status of the product reduces the number of problems. These problems may include customers sending emails, checking on when the product will be received, and more.

Avoid A High Number Of Ads On Page

With accessibility to the internet, your customers of eCommerce brands could easily see your advertisements. So, you must reduce such ads on your website as this might not help them in purchasing from your eCommerce shop.

However, increasing ads outside your page with information might encourage the customer to look at the ad. Also, you must focus on targeting your ads of discounts or special sales to those customers visiting your websites more frequently.

Such ads must have some catchy lines or phrases encouraging your customers to at least check the products. Also, you could configure these ads only for those visiting your website and those who are potential customers.

But, you must avoid digital ads, especially Facebook ones, during the start of your online store. This does not mean you should not market your products. So, try alternatives for reaching out to your target audiences like influencer marketing, email marketing, and others.

Thus, once you see a steady stream of store traffic flocking in, you can invest more resources. This would eventually enhance the user interface and sponsor ads on Facebook for driving even more traffic.

Also, search engines and Facebook ads are great for generating traffic. Then nurture and convert such traffics into repeat customers over time, but not right at the beginning of operations.

Offer Smooth UI and Payment Experience

Your eCommerce business appears more than a storefront and must not only look enticing but should also be easy to interact with. So, UI and payment strategy work wonder for repeat business.

For this purpose, you must make browsing fun by providing endless scrolling, overnight delivery schedules, and managing logistics.

Also, you must ensure to integrate your website with an exceptional payment gateway–one that provides zero downtime.

In addition, ensure that customers do not have to fill out a tedious form before making a purchase. If it is a repeat buyer, you must present them with pre-filled-out information at checkout.

Thus, all such steps reduce friction and enhance the overall shopping experience. So, simplifying your first-timers’ shopping experience is a colossal factor in generating repeat business.

Give The Affirmation To The Customer

You cannot expect to have a repeat sale for an eCommerce business when the service is bad within the business. Here, poor service not only defines the matter of customers not receiving their product even after payment.

It also includes the time of delivery of any product or service, as late deliveries might trouble customers a lot. So, ensure to provide faster deliveries to your customer with high satisfaction, eventually leading to repeat sales.

Further, you must ask for feedback from customers describing their satisfaction or even disappointment with the product or service. You might not act fully according to the feedback, but it could do some major changes for better growth.

In addition, enhance the way of packaging to give something extra to the customer with the product. It can vary according to the product and the business. 

Remarket With User-generated Content

If you have even a few regular customers for your eCommerce business, then you could market your products more easily. This is because nobody markets products better than verified customers.

Also, your old customers might share your products or services on social media or your website’s review section.

So, tap into this user-generated content and reshare or re-pin your customer’s stories. These stories must have your products on your social media handles, blog sites, and web portal.

But, you do not have any social media handles, just create one right away. It offers a dominant medium to interact with your potential customers and convert them into regular buyers.

In addition, this not only helps B2C enterprises but even offers benefits to various B2B companies. These companies stand to benefit from re-posting user-generated content on their blog pages, websites, and social media handles.

At The End

Repeat sales are basically about grasping incomprehensible and shady details disguised in all the approaches specified above. So hold them in a launching position for the consistent commitment that serves to make repeat purchases.

With these procedures, you could develop a more comprehensive retention method to reinforce your brand’s expandability. Also, these objectives strengthen confidence and the relationship between the brand and the consumer. Ultimately, this relationship will change a one-time buyer into a repeat client.

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