The Scope of Web Designing in India

What comes to your mind when someone asks you about the web? For most of you, it would definitely be a beautifully designed aesthetic website with appealing colors, images, videos, and some information. So, the web has become an inseparable part of our lives. We connect with our family, friends, and others through the web by using different applications. 

Also, for most of us, the web would directly relate to posting selfies, updating statuses, purchasing goods online, or learning something new through E-learning. Yet, such Incredible Web Designs become possible with the geniuses of web designers. 

So, are you a web designer seeking career growth in this field with dreams of developing numerous web designs? 

In web designing, there is no lack of opportunities to ensure your fast-paced growth. 

However, have you given it a thought that what if one day, everyone’s internet comes to a halt? What if no one has access to any web pages? You would have nowhere to go, right? 

But, no worries, such a nightmare of yours would not become true as the internet has plans to stay here. 

So, what exactly are the scope and your future in web designing in India? 

Its answer would definitely be infinite because the internet needs such designers for its survival and vice-versa. Now, let’s understand in detail the future and scope of the web and what it has in store for us. But, there is an assurance of the Internet’s continuation in the world, no matter what. 

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Do you know that the first Internet, also referred to as the Intranet, was launched somewhere around the 1960s? 

Yes, the Internet has become several decades older now and it wishes to continue its legacy. Also, the Internet witnesses inevitable and unprecedented progress every other day. Thus, we have become evidence of this growth that continues to dominate millions of people around the world.


Tabular Array

1.    The Unfolding of the First Website

2.    Destiny of Web Designs

3.    Connection Between Technology and Web Design

4.    Contextual Age Of The Web

5.    Impact Of Grid

6.    Comprehending The Fundamentals Of Web Designing

7.    Tools & Technologies 

8.    Career Scope For Web Designers

9.    Conclusion

The Unfolding of the First Website

Some sources reveal that Tim Berners-Lee was the sole individual to create the first website design in the early days of the 90s. The exact date of the world’s foremost website is on the 1st of August, 1991. Now, the web has become more than three decades older since its beginning. But, have you wondered what your first website was like?

So, the first website had content defining the World Wide Web and, it also contained a few links. It had a single-column design for an HTML page with some inline links fused in. But, are you new-gen kids aware of what an HTML page resembles? Let me introduce it to you as the standard structure of HTML pages is more or less content-based with a few tags like heading, paragraphs, and links. 

With the passing years, newer versions of HTML pages started hitting the market with astonishing updates. Such updating specifically applied choices to contain tables, pictures, illustrations, and more. Also, the web is not just used by a single person and has become the property of each individual. So, this arose the need of preventing individuals and organizations from disturbing the built-in ecosystem of the web. 

Destiny of Web Designs

The Internet has its origins somewhere back in the year 1969. But, it took almost 30 years for it to evolve and reach individuals worldwide. So, practically everything accepts a minimum of 25-30 years to become a mania and an intimate element of our lives. Another instance to demonstrate this point could be CTSS Mail Service, launched in the year 1965. But, it became common among people in the 1990s, and Email services increased their availability globally. 

Similarly, wearable computers have become quite a trend in today’s world with Apple iWatches and others. It had its origin somewhere in the 1980s and makes it around 40 years old. So, it might be a chance that what you are planning to start today might become a trend after a few years. However, you need to focus on its design to make your plans successful, especially on the Internet. Also, improve your website functionality and accessibility to your users with fewer technical issues. 

Connection between Technology and Web Design

You might have witnessed web designs of various kinds, including single-page web design, Responsive Web Design, material design, and others. Such design differentiation depends on the content we need to view on different devices. Also, we must understand that the difference in the device used to view the content influences the overall design. 

These devices may vary from mobiles, laptops, desktop computers, or tablets. So, with this, we are entering the contextual age to access digitized records through our device categories. It was predicted by computer scientists decades back. 

Impact of Grid

The Grid is a game-changer as an Artificial Intelligence where you can build websites that alter or adapt themselves to incorporate the content that we add. With this, we hope that days of optimizing sites automatically with user specifications would not be far behind. However, in more precision, those days are not far when the websites would start adapting or changing according to the kind of users accessing these. 

With such technology, we could expect enormous growth in this field in the coming 20 years or so from now. We may analyze and interpret information with a change that would diminish the need to create web pages and websites. So, with such changes in the market of technology in coming years, you need to upgrade your skills to maintain your opportunities of getting jobs. 

But, till then, you may appear as a freelance web designer as it does not generate more loss of economic aid. However, they don't need to deliver the product keeping it in synch with the requested timeline. Also, designs are becoming modular making it necessary for a whole dedicated team works on them. In addition, such a team provides continuous support and assistance. 

So, this has become the reason why several big heads today have an in-house Web Design and Development Team. Thus, several corporates now seek the support of agencies while operating on significant assignments.

Comprehending the Fundamentals of Web Designing

The fundamental functions of a web designer entail employing several skill sets in the production and maintenance of Web Sites. Such designers need to harness their knowledge in different areas to deliver appropriate quality. These areas involve interface design, user experience design, search engine optimization, graphic design, standardized code, and proprietary software.

These fields would help you bag your job but, you need to dive deeper to improve your skills. Thus, you must deliver an enhanced web viewing experience through your designs. Also, you ought to concentrate on the intrinsic requirement to maintain an aesthetic purpose and the capability to identify with the audience. 

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Tools & Technologies 

With the continuous evolution of technology, web designs need to be refined with every evolutionary phase. For this purpose, several standard tools would always be in demand by Web Designers. Such tools mainly involve HTML & CSS, programming skills, flash, WYSIWYG editors like Dreamweaver, and Graphic Editors like Adobe Photoshop. 

Career Scope for Web Designers

Web designing presents a profitable career prospect that exhibits a tremendous degree for inquisitive contenders. So, in India, IT or the software industry has become one of the biggest industries that provide possible room for Web Designers as a career opportunity. Also, various clients wish to establish their online presence and, with this, they approach the software giants to get their Web sites designed. Thus, software companies recruit experienced designers who qualify in executing the deliverables in a quick turnaround time. 

But, do not get worried as these companies provide opportunities to even freshers. These companies put all freshers through rigorous training to help them learn under experienced seniors. So, with this, you fresher’s could get an excellent opportunity to learn the work hands-on. Also, most organizations recruit web designers for their internal projects with a distinct flavor of their own.

It further delivers the opportunity for Designers to interact with recognized enterprise collaborators who execute these internal initiatives. Also, the demand for web designers has increased in the media industry like news or advertising agencies. It further offers opportunities in the education industry to develop educational websites and learning materials for students. 

So, with such promising opportunities, web designers could design their career growth leading to a great future. For that purpose, designers need to evolve beyond rigid design boards and emerge as architects of a new change. With this, they may redefine the traditional concepts of Web Design. Also, you must make yourselves aware of new terminologies like mobility first, responsive Designs, Minimalist look, Content first approach, and several others. Thus, you may carve your roadmap to your successful future in web design. 


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